OPEN HOURS / 10:30-18:00


The Klementinum Gallery,

Sq.Maryanskaya 5, Prague 1


In 2017, Belarus is celebrating the 500th anniversary of its book-printing tradition. The first Bible in Church Slavonic was printed by Francysk Skaryna, a native of Belarusian town of Polotsk, on August 6th, 1517, in Prague. Belarusian printing pioneer Francysk Skaryna was a Renaissance man who accumulated printing tradition of Western Europe in his life-long project and a champion of innovative illustrated, artful reading of the Bible. He proved himself as an outstanding artist, a master of classical European canon and engraving technique.


Modern Belarus has always been situated at the crossroads of cultural, geographic and civilization routes connecting the East and the West, and synthesis of different cultures and world views has always been present in Belarusian art. Leading Belarusian artists have been quick in adopting progressive elements of world culture.


Graphic art in Belarus has a rich tradition; its evolution has been closely related to the history of manuscripts and printed books. Belarusian graphic art, being the most widely known form of visual art outside of Belarus, combines national and international methods. National school of graphic art can be characterized by the following: pursuit of philosophic reflection of reality, increased interest in graphic material and techniques and active application of the art of image plasticity.


Artists represented in this exhibition project – VALERY SLAVUK , VLADIMIR VISHNEVSKY  and ROMAN SUSTOV – are the icons of Belarusian school of graphic art. They follow the tradition established by innovative work of Francysk Skaryna.


Modern Belarusian art combines academic and experimental techniques. Each of the represented artists has a unique graphic style with distinctly expressive plasticity. Today, all of them are established masters, teachers, winners of awards and diplomas from the most prestigious book fairs and large art exhibitions.